Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Parks, Play Dates, and People. A note from a Special Need's Mom

This is going to be a short post but it's heavy on my heart so thought I would put it to words and post it! Also it's short because time is very limited these days! So, I may get a blog post in every month now haha! Just reality. So I hope all you mamas are doing well and hanging in there! Love and much coffee to all of you!

As Spring and Summer weather has set in, it's that time of year that we hit up the parks and kid friendly places! Being a Stay at Home Mom during the winter months can be exhausting trying to entertain your kiddos and also keep them from germs especially having a child who's immune system isn't all that great. So, we hibernate a good bit during the winter months. When the first sign of Spring hits the air it's like heaven!!! Let's go outside kiddos!!!

As a mom of a special needs child(Achondroplasia, dwarfism), this time of season brings many struggles. Park Play dates are usually short lived due to a child that wears out super fast because he can't go at the same pace as an average height/build kid his age can. He also overheats fast. So please don't take our having to leave an hour into a play date as a "we aren't enjoying this". We love parks and playing! Also as a mom of a special kiddo, I have to be ever present wherever he goes on a playground due to his stature. It's hard for him to maneuver the big play equipment and bigger kids. So, a play date means a very busy active time for me as well 😜 I apologize that I can't sit and talk. I would love too but making sure my child stays alive is priority one.

And to the moms of kids who have questions about my kid and why he is so small, bring them to me and ask me and I will answer those questions. Please don't hush your child if they point and laugh at my son or point out that he's different. Hushing them does nothing but separate them from my son and comes across as "no don't talk about them" and that results in them not wanting to interact with people like him. I know it's embarrassing as a mom to have your kid vocalize their thoughts about others, but that's good! Let's break the barrier of awkwardness. Our children are all learning and let's provide them with those teaching moments. I would love to explain in "kid" form why Caed is different. I am preparing myself for all the comments that come flooding in around this time of the year and especially now that Caed is older. I don't take offense at the comments but I do look at it as an opportunity to spread awareness and Caed's coolness.

So, as a mom to my cool kid Caed, and I speak for all the moms of special need kids, whether dwarfism, autism, or Down's syndrome, etc. We want to educate others on how special our kid's are, so allow us those opportunities before judging, making a negative comment, or hushing your child for finding that our child is different. They are curious little minds. Let's set good examples of love for people all shapes, sizes, colors, and mental states. It starts with you. Our children are watching and listening.  Let's be the change in this world.

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  1. What a mature perspective! I wish all parents carried such an enlightened view of parenthood and unconditional love for others. I am so proud that this is my daughter who is sharing her heart. I am also blessed to have such wonderful grandchildren, each special in their own way. God is all-wise in His creation of us all. We would be the richer if we recognize the uniqueness in each other and encourage it, especially in our children and grandchildren. Thanks, Bethany, for this heart-felt reminder. Love you.