Monday, March 6, 2017

Stay At Home Moms Have All the Time in The World!

Ok, sorry it has been so long since my last post. This post goes right along with why that is. We Stay at Home Moms actually do things! (Whaaaaaaat?!!) We don't just sit around popping bonbons watching soaps, well at least I don't. One of the things that really gets to me is people asking me to be a consultant to this or that or asking us to do other random stuff because well, they don't have time and I'm a stay at home mom, I have time I need extra money. 
One, I don't have time. Two I don't need the extra money. My husband and I weighed the pros and cons of me staying home with our kids and I knew when I was very young that I wanted to stay home with my kids one day. My husband works hard to provide for us and I shouldn't feel guilty for not adding to our income. I am adding more than money can, by staying home and raising and teaching our children. I chose to designate 100% of my time to MY CHILDREN. One day I will be able to pursue something that I also love to do and adds to our income, but until my kids graduate I will be giving them 100% of my attention. I also keep our house clean and running smoothly. Many people ask how I keep my house so clean, well I believe highly in time managing. Yes, I may be sleep deprived to an extent due to not napping when my kids nap, but I can go to sleep at night knowing my house is in order and ready for the next day. You can juggle kids and cleaning. If you are a stay at home mom there is not excuse for your house to look like a war zone! (Except for preggo or medical issues) I probably would fit better back in the day when women cooked cleaned and were always dressed and ready for the day. Chilling in your PJs all day was unacceptable. I feel like more and more we become a lazy generation. Messy buns, yoga pants, and oversized sweats and sweatshirts are acceptable. Don't get me wrong I like all those things I just can't stay in them all day! Guess that comes from growing up a PK with our house being the parsonage right next door and anyone just popped in anytime they liked. Call me old school. My kids are happy and so am I and my husband. I know not everyone isn't crazy about cleaning etc...and each family is different. This post isn't meant to guilt anyone. This post is to inform those who don't know any better that we stay at home mom's do DO THINGS!! Our lives are just as busy as a working mom's life because we ARE WORKING! We are getting up at all hours to feed a baby many times at night, we wake when they wake, we are surrounded by constant drool, spit up, poopy diapers, a constant talking/babbling/whining/thrashing/bipolar toddler, a teething and sleep deprived baby, our bosses are very demanding and always keep us on our toes, literally, by dodging sharp toys and cleaning the same toys up a gazillion times a day. We vacuum(at least once a day), sweep, wipe toilets, clean up foods and bodily fluids wiped/smeared across and on anything and everything. We cook and we meal plan and we coupon and we shop! We work too, just we may not get paid in green very valuable paper. We get paid in smiles, coos, hugs, slobbery kisses, watching milestones met, watching when things finally click, watching them walk across a stage and being handed a diploma, and the "thank you mom for everything" at the end of their schooling and the beginning of their independent path ahead. These 18years are so very short and I don't want to miss a moment of their life when I am blessed to be able to stay home with them. So, please don't take it as an insult when I say no to things. My kids have 100% of my attention for now. Yes, one day I would like to take on something fun for some extra mula. But not now, I'm a busy mama raising my very busy boys. 

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