Friday, December 18, 2015

Update on Our Crazy Caed!

And I'm back! I have been slacking on my posts lately about our crazy Caed! Caed has hit so many milestones since I last posted. He has blown his speech therapist and Early Intervention therapist's mind, which makes us so very proud and blessed parents. He is now walking, pointing, recognizing a few facial features, making a few animal noises, and getting himself into the standing/walking position from sitting position all by himself! It all has happened so fast. 

Caed started walking about a month and a half ago and we haven't been able to keep him still or in one place since. He follows me everywhere and has had a few rough run ins with mom's feet and other hard objects ;) his poor mouth has been through the ringer as far as bumps go. I'm prepared now with a frozen passy always available ;) 

Our Early Intervention therapist, Mrs. Serena has been blown away with Caed's cognitive skills. Caed loves any kind of animal but especially dogs and cats so I asked Caed to find a kitty in one of his books and he turned right to the page and pointed to the kitty. Mrs. Serena went crazy! She was so excited and said he was way above where he needs to be and is so smart(I already knew that but I am rather biased ;) and although Caed hasn't been saying words(just dada, yeah yeah, and uh oh) his speech therapist was so impressed that Caed does have the "yaya" sound down and said most kids don't pick that sound up until later. So he said shouldn't be long until we hear him spouting out words. He communicates so well though with a few sign language signs like more, done, and bye bye. He definitely lets us know when he is done and ready to go home when we are out. He waves his arm like "I'm done, bye people!" It's so cute. Can't wait to hear what words are first! No "mama" at all right now but he can make those "mm" sounds. If you ask him what a cow says he goes "mmmm" and "mmmmm" every time he eats something good or drinks his water. So shouldn't be too long until we have a nonstop talker ;) His Early Intervention review is next month, and he is ready to show off all he has been up to.

Caed has officially built up those muscles to get himself up into his standing and walking position from a sitting position. This just happened three nights ago! So proud of him! He is also getting in those canine teeth top and bottom(broke through last night actually)! These will be his 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th! Crazy! So happy we are almost done with teething! These have been rough as he has been waking a couple times at night crying. Oh and best of all, he's been sleeping 6:30pm-6:00am!!!!! Hallelujah!!!! It would be even better if we can move that to later but for now I'll take it! He's pretty stern about going to bed before 7pm. So evening outings are still rather difficult, so apologies to those we have had to turn down invitations to due to this fact. Caed is still on O2 and a Pulse Ox every night so when he gets tired we have to get him hooked up to it in the evenings. Hopefully with His sleep study in April we will see if he has to continue with it or not. So prayers appreciated for that when the time comes. Would love for him to be cordless as he moves a lot when sleeping now and makes keeping the cords from tangling around him more and more difficult. 

Overall though he is thriving and doing well! He's a busy busy boy! His favorite things these days are magnets(goes back and fourth between fridge and dishwasher), balls and kicking his soccer ball around, WALLYKAZAM!(we will try to put anything else on and he finds his Wally DVD case and brings it to us, kid loves it, I don't argue because it teaches words and I love bobgoblin;), goldfish, remotes, waffles(eats two every morning), red sauce(still), kitties and doggies, mac n cheese, following mom EVERYWHERE, and being outside. 

We are enjoying this Christmas season so far with an official toddler. He has done so well with our Christmas tree and presents. Helps that he responds to "No" really really well and "come here". He did pull the bows off the presents because he just doesn't like to have stuff on things or on top of things or open. He's kinda OCD and I have no idea where he got that from lol every time I open the fridge, dryer, or dishwasher he is right there to close it and he gets into our Tupperware cabinet now but takes one piece out then closes the cabinet and repeats. Makes me laugh. He is so good though and we are so blessed :) We love our Caed! Still can't believe he is a little over 15 months old now! Where did the time go?! So excited to see what the next year brings. So blessed to be able to watch our boy grow in personality and stature :) being a parent is the best thing ever! It may be exhausting and some days you just want to scream and cry, but the good out weighs the bad doubly! 

So from our crazy Tripp family to your family! Merry Christmas! 
Remember the reason for the season and your life, Christ!