Monday, December 3, 2012

To all those who want the story, How God brought us together. J&B

It was mid April when a coworker(Jen) of mine approached me with her phone in hand and the name Josh. All of us at work would joke about match making and sorts. Jen was married and her husband worked at Liberty. As Jen approached me with a big smile on her face, she proceeded to ask me "So Beth, there is this Josh who is interested in you" I then asked "are you sure he's not interested in the other Beth(Bethany O.)" Jen's reply, "nope, he said Beth, and my husband knows the difference between you two". My reply, " Oh! so Ethan(Jen's husband) is in on this too! ok who is this Josh?!" 

Jen and Ethan, the devious couple :-)

Apparently Josh had noticed me a month ago and Ethan started mentioning a Beth that works at Chick-fil-a and Josh realized it was me he was talking about and so Ethan started his devious plan on his side and Jen on hers. 

The last week in April held many memorable experiences. A batting cage trip that was supposed to be only us ladies (a tradition started as a stress reliever for work) ended up being Josh and I's first time that we met. Josh had been coming to Chick-fil-a for a while and I had never noticed him, sad I know. So many faces I see everyday! lol So yes, this was our first time meeting. All I remember is sitting in my car waiting on Jen and Ethan and Bethany to show up and guess who pulls up first, Josh. I just sit in my car two parking spots away nervous as all get out! I am a very big social bug and not scared of new people but I just couldn't bring myself to get out and go and say hi. So I sat in my car freaking out texting my best friend Beth Nell who was helping me calm down :-) So then pulls up Jen and Ethan and Jen points to both of our cars and then me and hops in my car and Ethan goes over to Josh's. So forced out, the introductions begin. Bethany O. pulls up and gives me the smile of approval. I just met this drop dead goodlookin' man named Josh :-) We would both come to find out our sarcastic sides very quick as we took on the batting cages. Dinner with the group after and a few Facebook chats later someone set up a first date ;-) I texted my Best friend Beth Nell the night I was leaving from the batting cages, "I am going to marry this man"

APRIL 28th, 2012

MOVING DAY! I got off of work and began moving for the first time out of my amazing parent's house and into a house in Rivermont full of some wonderfully awesome young woman, 4 to be exact. I also had a first date with an amazing man that evening. I always said when God blesses he usually smacks me in the face with it. What a blessing of a day. I had been praying for a while seeking God's direction as to moving out and such and he answered with a dear friend Katie Halsey and her inviting me to live with them in Lynchburg. I also thought that God had some plan bigger and better than my own understanding around the corner and the first step was moving out. My parents were a huge blessing in that they have always been very supportive of my decision to do so.  
So after unpacking a few boxes and a grocery trip with Katie, I waited patiently for Josh to come and pick me up for our date. He came to the door all decked out in his purple polo and jeans and lookin good. He took me to Neighbors Place where I decided I would be all girl like and get a salad because it would be smaller as I was too nervous to eat much. Well this is what I get for getting a salad:

So after a good laugh and a long chat, he took me bowling. A decision he would later regret. His comment to me "let's play best 2 out of 3 you may need that third game ;-)" Well someone's butt got whooped 3 games in a row and it wasn't mine. So after beating himself up a good bit and me feeling terribly cruel, we headed to grab coffee at starbucks, finding out that we were going to the same church just different service times,  and again a long talk and seeing his face every day for the next 7 months later is how our dating relationship began and continued. My family met him and fell in love. He fits right in with all our craziness.

NOVEMBER 25th, 2012

After a long week of Black Friday working craziness and Thanksgiving with the family, Josh decided he wanted to take me out to Waterstone( a nice pizza place downtown) Where he had been asking to take me all week I was just so busy and tired. SO FINALLY, he gets to go. lol We sit down to dinner and we decide to go bowling and bets are made as to whoever wins. Josh's bet was that if he won, he could ask me anything and I would have to agree to it. So I thought "oh gosh now he is going to make me dance in the car which I have refused to for the longest time with fear of embarrassment" My bet was that if I won he would have to watch ALL 6 seasons of LOST in 6 months. He immediately said he would win. Which he did. I hated it. lol the competitive side coming out in me. So we went and got coffee which I thought was weird cause Josh doesn't drink coffee but he got me some. Then he said he wanted to go walking somewhere, which I also thought was funny but didn't get my expectations up. We drove around for a bit and then stopped in Wyndhurst to walk around. Josh knew how I had a fetish for picket fences and so we found a random picket fence where we talked a bit and he told me how the past 7 months have been the funnest and best 7 months of his life and I answered by saying, "well I am exhausted, you gave me mono" hahahaha. Anyways, then he asked me if he could ask me the question from bowling which began and ended with my man on one knee asking me to marry him. I said no just to see his facial reaction but was quick to say yes yes yes soon after :-) It's been an exciting year and most exciting 7 months! I had no idea God would bring the man of my dreams into my life so quick and sudden. I love how God works and watching his hand in all the details through friends. I would hear people say all the time that when love at first sight can happen and when you know you know. Both are very very true. The moment I saw Joshua David Tripp I was in love and couldn't wait to spend the rest of my life with this man :-) He is my best friend and I thank God for him everyday and can't wait to see where God takes us on this adventure ahead. Thank you to all those who have been prayer warriors over my life. Please continue to pray as Josh and I seek God first in our future marriage together. MARCH 9th 2013 couldn't come soon enough! 

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