Monday, August 10, 2015

1 More Month until 1!

The One month countdown is here. Cannot believe we are almost to the BIG 1! These past 11 months have been the best, hardest, and most full of no sleep and joy that Josh and I have ever experienced! Everyday there is something new and exciting that Caed has learned. His therapist, Mrs. Serena, has been so impressed with all the goals he has met and how fast he has met them. In just 2 weeks time he started saying "da da" and started pulling himself up on things all by himself and standing with little help! Now he thinks he can beat me to anything. I say "no" as he is crawling towards something that he knows he shouldn't and then as soon as he sees me, he starts speeding up. Excited and nervous for when he starts walking. He is going to be so fast and EVERYWHERE! He still wears out really fast, so frequent naps are had ;-) And he is still on oxygen at night. He has gotten to the point where he moves a lot in his sleep so the cords have become a little issue. He's a busy busy boy even in his sleep. He has a pretty set schedule as to when he wakes now at night(still wakes for bottles 9pm,1:30am,and 5:30am, then finally up and at 'em at 7:06am, yes every morning). He won't take any bottles throughout the day anymore so I'm assuming he is weaning himself off of it. He never was a fan of the bottle anyways. I am excited that I don't have to force bottles down his throat anymore. Hoping he takes well to milk. We have tried it but he's definitely going to have to get used to it. These day's his favorite foods are Mac-n-Cheese, fruit and oatmeal, waffles, YELLOW veggie straws, rice teether cookies, veggies, and still anything that consists of red sauce and noodles :-) He loves his Mac-n-Cheese though! It has been such a joy watching him grow into his little personality and overcome these many goals of his! We have been so blessed to have not had to have as many complications and medical issues as other children with Achondroplasia have. We keep praying that he doesn't have to endure many in the future as he grows. It has been hard as Caed is quite the social bug(if mom is around), he enjoys other kids and watching them. He is still so little and kids around his age are twice his size and a little further along with walking, so it has been a little hard for him to interact with them. He just sits and talks to them though hahaha. It's just something that we will have to overcome and he will too as he grows and interacts with kids his age. I am sure he will be able to overcome it quickly ;-) So excited to see what the future holds just wish it would slow down! Planning his 1st Birthday party is so fun and exciting and makes me a little sad. He's getting so big so  fast! This past year held so many uncertainties as we progressed not knowing what complications could arise with Caed's diagnosis. It has turned out to be amazing and incredible! Looking at it all and into the future, God is in control and has BIG plans for our boy ;-) So blessed to have our little spunky boy in our life! 1 here we come!

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