Saturday, May 9, 2015

8 months!! Has it been that long since this kid changed our lives forever??!!

Caedmon turns 8 months old today(Saturday May 9th) I cannot believe how fast time is flying by! I hear people tell me all the time cherish it 'cause it flies by and before you know it they are graduating or getting married! Well I am cherishing EVERY moment, the good and the bad, the food spit on me and the smiles right afterward, the constant grunting of "mom I am tired of this just hold me all the time!!", the late night awakenings to an oxygen cannula in his eye instead of his nostrils, the rolling and flipping into places I didn't know he could get to yet, the moments when I walk into his bedroom now due to a lot of LOUD "talking" and look as he is holding the monitor and talking into it knowing that it brings mommy(smart kid), the teething cries, the constant go go go busyness of a little one, but most of all the lil giggles and snuggles and BIG smiles that he shares with me daily to remind me that this job as a full time stay at home mom is worth every headache and sleepless night because I get to witness first hand all of these special moments, something that not many moms get to do. I am blessed to have a husband who works hard, VERY hard to provide for us and to serve a God who always provides even on the days when I worry and am not trusting of that provision. He definitely reminds me of who is in charge and how much He loves our little family. God has truly blessed us the past 8 months with this bundle of busy joy and ray of sunshine. So, I am cherishing and capturing EVERY moment that I can in my heart and on camera of Caedmon's life. I still can't believe that I am a mom to such a sweet, lovable, extremely handsome, cute, funny, goofy, smart little boy that I get to call son for the rest of my life. Hoping we have many more adventures ahead little guy! I love you oh so much!!!

Now, just for a few updates! We got a call from Caed's pediatrician on Wednesday morning. She was checking up on Caed and was informing us that she has made an appt with a cardiologist here in Lynchburg for an ultrasound of Caed's heart and an EKG. They want to make sure with all this time not being on Oxygen that it hasn't affected anything and that his heart is still healthy and strong. She said that this will be normal as he grows for them to keep a constant check on his heart. So we go Monday afternoon to get all these tests done, so please keep Caed and us in your prayers and pray that his heart is healthy and strong!

What's new with caed these days other than Drs. appts and therapists? Well, he started sitting in small increments yesterday and that is a HUGE thing! He is building those muscles! So, we are practicing and practicing until he gets to the point where he can sit for long periods of time by himself! I am just so happy that we are at this point! He is also rolling all over the place!!! I can't leave him anywhere now without me, so that has been fun. haha He has rolled almost under the couch and moves himself around his crib(hence the talking into the monitor now) and is just a devious little fellow. Thankfully we have a play pen now (thanks to AMAZON PRIME and their swift delivery) to contain this little adventurer. He is also working on 4 top teeth(yes 4) you can see the white making it's appearance and like I said before he is weathering it extraordinarily well.
Caed, over the past few weeks has started this new very adorable thing. He has this dresser next to his crib and on top of that dresser are all his stuffed animals and such. Every morning and after naps, he has to have us hold him up so that he can touch each one and talk to them. It is so cute!!! I wonder what is going through that head of his.

One of the more exciting things that has happened which this momma LOVES is WE FOUND A TAPE FOR CAED'S CANNULA AT NIGHT THAT DOESNT LEAVE A RESIDUE OR TAKE AN ARMY OF PEOPLE TO PULL OFF! Such a huge huge blessing as Caed's face was looking rather ragged with all the tape residue and red marks from the tape strength. I felt so bad every morning taking it off of him. Thankfully there is the tape by Nexcare that is just strong enough to hold it in place and yet gentle enough on his poor skin and leaves no residue! I was singing praises the first time we used it! So yes there is a picture of the tape in the photos shared because it earned it's place!

So, anyways that about covers all of the exciting news in Tripp house! Now for the BEST and my FAVORITE part, PICTURES! Enjoy and hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day to all you moms and the new mommies out there! A special Happy Mother's day to my mom and the one who has taught me all I know, literally. I couldn't be the mom I am today without you! THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU! And to my Mother-in-law, Thank you for the man that you raised to be a hard working, respectable, and godly man who I get to call my husband. I know it was a rough road (as heard by stories of a stubborn son) You did good though and I know he loves you VERY MUCH ;-) Thank you for also being an awesome mom to me too! I am truly blessed by you! Love you!

 The ever Amazing tape!
 My little twin!

 Saying Good morning to his Guat elephant from Aunt C and Uncle Josh

 Chilling with mommy
 Enjoying our walks every morning!
 Saying food morning to all his peeps!

 Puff Monster!
 Both are enjoying the new play pen ;-)

 Sitting for Daddy!

 Our little rolly poly

 Caed's Favorite show is Paw Patrol. He gets so excited when he hears the theme song come on.

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