Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Newest additions to the Tripp Family: Pulse OX Monitor and O2, annd a Ping Pong Table!

Yep, we got the results back to Caed's sleep study and we are excited to say that we get to trade in his sleep apnea monitor for a Pulse Ox monitor and Oxygen at night! This is going to be quite the adventure! During the sleep study Caed would constantly pull off the cannula for the oxygen so I was up every 5 mins or so throughout the night placing it back in his nose. I am hoping and praying that they will grow to be best friends for however long he has to use it or else this is going to be a lonnnnnng however many months for the Tripp family ;-) But anyways, the results were that he was breathing too hard and too fast and his Dr. was worried that if this keeps up he could wear out his heart quickly overtime. So, Friday night begins the fun adventure! Appreciate prayers as we tackle this next addition to Caedmon's life.
So, glad that we get to say goodbye to this monitor though! Been with us since we brought the lil guy home. Many nights with it going off all because Caed squirmed around and messed up the leads. And then there was the warning of the neighbors of it's mega loud alarm(which of course NEVER woke Caed up) But, Oh well on to the next fun thing! ;-) 

Well, enough about crazy monitors and no sleep! We got a Ping Pong Table! A huge thank you to some friends of ours that donated to the Tripp family. We are so excited as we have been wanting one for a while but never really had the room. Now we have the room and the ping pong table! I see many fun get togethers in the future with friends, food, and some competitive ping pong! Thanks to our friends Luke and Sarah for helping get it to our Casa :-) Caed really enjoyed watching Luke and Josh play and would cry when they stopped. Was really funny! So it is great entertainment for the lil guy and I am sure it won't be long before he will be the one holding the paddle showing us how it is done. Looking forward to all the fun times that will be held around this table.

And here are a few pics from the rest of our lovely Wednesday. Caed was introduced to grass and surprisingly didn't eat it! He just ran his fingers through it in amazement. So, we soaked up some rays, as much as we could in the 10mins we spent outside(Caed has awful allergies) Then we came in and got a quick nap(me included!! That NEVER HAPPENS!) After that we made a chocolate chip banana loaf and have just been enjoying this beautiful day(from the inside ;-) 
*Photo Cred my iPhone* 

All in the day in the life of a Stay at Home Mom. I am blessed that I get to spend the whole day with this goober and soak in all these fun moments with my son 
(even if some days I want to just scream, pull my hair out, and run away for just a few moments to myself) 
Hope you are having a wonderful day yourself!

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